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Glances – a ‘top’ replacement on linux

June 11, 2021

Glances is a cross-platform system monitoring tool written in Python. Glances will run on almost any platform: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Windows. You can also use the built-in Web UI and monitor your system from any device. Features CPU Memory Load Process list Network interface Disk I/O IRQ / Raid Sensors Filesystem (and folders)…

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Blowfish Encrypt/Decrypt

June 9, 2019

This is a simple web-app I made ages ago that encrypts and decrypts simple text with a password. It uses the mcrypt class in PHP, and the data is passed via AJAX. EDIT (10th June 2019): I’ve added a security certificate (thanks to Let’s Encrypt SSL), due to popular demand. Make sure you are visiting…

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