I recently developed a user-friendly tool designed to aid in the memorization of various texts, regardless of their length. Whether you’re trying to remember speeches, quotes, prayers, scriptures, or any other block of text, this app can help. The tool works by taking your chosen text and randomly redacting certain words, challenging you to recall the missing words from memory. This method leverages the cognitive principle that active recall—actively retrieving information from memory—is more effective for long-term retention than passive review, such as repeatedly reading the text. By encouraging you to actively engage with the material, the app aims to enhance your memorization process and improve your ability to retain and recall information.

The tool can be accessed here: https://memorizer.ramin.io

How to use:

  • To start, you copy and paste some text into the Source textbox.
  • There are currently two types of redaction options available: Redact Words and Redact Except 1st Letter
  • Clicking the “Redact Words” button will redact random words entirely based on the difficulty slider
    • The higher the value on the difficulty slider, the more words will be redacted (start with a lower number to get started – 0.3 is the default)
  • Clicking on “Redact except 1st Letter” will show you the first letter of each word but will replace the remaining letters with hyphens.
    • The difficulty settings has no effect on this type of redaction
  • Hovering your mouse over the redacted word will reveal it (or tapping the word if you are on mobile)
  • Clicking on File -> Save will generate a unique link that you can use to bring up the text again at any time you like. I will be deleting entries that have not been accessed in over 60 days.
  • You can also click on the blue-bar above the Source text to collapse the text

Feel free to share your experience with the tool! Whether it helped you memorize something or if you encountered any challenges, your feedback is invaluable and helps me improve the app.