Today I am pleased to be releasing a dashboard I have been working on (and using) lately. I am releasing the project as Open-Source and under the GPL-3.0 License. The dashboard is loosely based on SUI, but built from the bottom up using CodeIgniter 4 and Bootstrap for the CSS. It’s probably a bit overkill with the MySQL database, but it can be moved to SQLite3. The dashboard is useful for Self-hosters that want a start-page for quick access to Links they visit often for maintenance or for whatever reason.

Most dashboards I have seen usually involve editing a JSON with the data it will display, and I wanted something I could edit directly on the web (a simple CRUD)


  • Built on CodeIgniter 4 + Bootstrap
  • Top-section can be expanded or collapsed
  • Quick glance of
    • Date and Time
    • Basic Current Weather conditions for your area using your own API from
    • Basic Server metrics (CPU usage, RAM usages, Disk Utilization, and IP Address)
  • RSS Widget
  • Easy interface to add and remove Sites and Links within those Sites
  • Customizable Site and Link order
  • Link icons from
  • Themes via Bootswatch
  • Quick access to Search Engines (Duck, duck, go and Google)


  • PHP 7.3+
  • NGINX or Apache
  • A Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite3)


  • Better UX for adding and removing sites
  • Better UX for re-ordering Sites and Links
  • Dockerization of the project to simplify the installation
  • Move entire Database to SQLite3
  • Bookmarks section after the listing of Sites
  • Authelia for authentication


The project is available on GitHub