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Don’t pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to jail


Yesterday, I read about how a donkey got sent to jail in Mexico for “kicking and biting two men”. The Mike Tyson of donkeys did a fair bit of damage too; the men “were bitten on the chest and one suffered a broken ankle.”

I can’t be entirely sure about it, but I doubt that the donkey (who also goes by the name “Blacky”) had a rough time in jail. Can’t really picture it having problems with the showers, food or other inmates at prison.

I bet other prisoners tried making conversation with it.

Convict: “What are you in for?”
Donkey: “For keepin’ it real.”

Authorities backed it up by saying “around here, if someone commits a crime, they are jailed. No matter who they are.”


I don’t know about Mexico, but back home, we’re a little too short on jail space to be wasting it on Donkeys.

Today Blacky was released after three days in jail after the owner paid a US$36 fine.

The grass is greener here


I’ve moved the blog to http://blog.ramin-hossaini.com instead of the old http://www.ramin-hossaini.com/public/blog

Great thing is, the old URL’s will still work thanks to some .htaccess scripting.

What took me so long?

Man barbecues car by mistake


Today, I read how a man barbecued his car by mistake. According to the article:

A man barbecued his own car by mistake following a mishap at a grill party in southern Germany, police said.

The 37-year-old poured a beaker of petrol onto the smouldering charcoal of his balcony grill in order to coax it into life, prompting a tongue of flame to shoot out.

A friend standing next to him panicked and dropped the cannister containing the petrol, causing it to ignite and spill on to the man’s car parked below.

The car went up [in] flames.

Two other vehicles were damaged in the blaze, which police said caused no injuries but more than 30,000 euro ($50,000) worth of damage.

That’s very unfortunate.

Lessons learnt/already known to most:

  1. A beaker of petrol is plenty for a balcony BBQ. Use sparingly (if at all).
  2. Smouldering coal can be rekindled with blowing air.
  3. Petrol is valuable.
  4. [Your comment here]