Over the many years of owning a domain name, I have gone back and forth, and shifted between different types of sites and purposes. From having a site that acted as a digital business card, to having a blog, to having a portfolio, to having a blog again, to deleting it all and simply redirecting it to a third-party website with my content, to what this site is today.

We have become too accustomed to simply posting on the nearest social network. I can understand the lure of doing so, because there is constant feedback which makes it rewarding. However, I believe in the technological climate we are in today, and with privacy being what it is, I find myself tending towards my own services, and my own means of sharing. Not having a place to store my musings has been stifling, and I found that this was much needed.

I have often shied away from expressing and writing out my thoughts in detail. One reason I never have is the lack of impact I feel it makes. Another reason is being self-conscious, but this quote says it best:

Don’t let fears of what others think of you stand in your way.-Ray dalio