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Synchronize Google Calendar on iPhone


Note: This should also work on the iPod Touch

iPhone OS 3.0 introduced support for CalDAV and ICS – that means it’s really simple to sync with your Google Calendar:

Start by going into Settings:


Go into “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then “Add account…”


Add a CalDAV account and fill the details:


If you check your calendar, it should sync


You can also add all your other calendars by adding a “Subscribed Calendar”

Start by going to the settings for the calendar you want to add:


Click on the “ICAL” link to get your Calendar’s private address


It’s usually a really long link, so start by putting it under your drafts or email it to yourself. Add another Calendar account (not a CalDAV this time, but a “subscribed Calendar” Then copy-and-paste into the Server input box specifying URL to the .ics file)


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  1. Whoa, thanks Ramin. I didn’t realize that you could do the ‘subscribe’ calendars too!

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