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Automatically insert rubbish Flickr-comments with Flickr-comment-generator



I created an AJAX application that generates somewhat generic comments for Flickr. But I soon realised that people would not use it unless it was completely simple and automated.

That’s where GreaseMonkey comes into action. I’ve created a GreaseMonkey script that automatically retrieves a random flickr-comment and places it into the comment text-field of a picture. You get to choose whether you would like to publish the comment or not.

If you notice any bugs in the script, or any improvements I can make to the script – please let know.

Go to Flickr-Comment generator

Or download the script directly

4 Responses to Automatically insert rubbish Flickr-comments with Flickr-comment-generator

  1. oh, now I suspect the last complimentary comment you made on one of my pics must have been a test run for this.
    A bit chagrined, I must say……

    Your Spam protector requires me to do math…..bummer

  2. haha, you know how it is – I like to make life hard for the commenters. I’ll be changing it soon though..

    as for the comment – I promise it wasn’t! lol

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