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Facebook lacks a simple feature


How do you search for all of your friends that are from or in a specific location (e.g. all my friends in Namibia right now)?

Sounds like a simple enough search.

Or is this feature already implemented?


It’s not linked to from the front-page – only when you do a search: http://www.facebook.com/advanced.php


And as a commenter pointed out, http://www.facebook.com/advanced.php doesn’t exist anymore!

4 Responses to Facebook lacks a simple feature

  1. UGH I’ve been so frustrated by my inability to search for people by state (in the USA). You can search in the profile search for some things. What I do is just type a few random letters in the top right search box, then it takes you to a search results page, and at the top there is something called “profile search”. Click on that link.

  2. You’re right, the page is http://www.facebook.com/advanced.php

    And it’s not linked to, until you do a search of some kind.

    Thanks Sholeh!

    As for not being able to search by state = silly-ness.

  3. Wisnu – you’re right, now it’s been killed!

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