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Richard St. John’s 8 secrets to success


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Summary of talk

  • Passion: If you love doing something, the money will come naturally
  • Work: Nothing comes easy. But have fun.
  • Good: Get good at what you do, practice.
  • Focus: Focus on one thing.
  • Push: Push physically, push mentally, fight shyness, fight self-doubt, push yourself.
  • Serve: Provide something people will assign a value to.
  • Ideas:
    • Listen
    • Observe
    • Be curious
    • Ask questions
    • Solve problems
    • Make connections
  • Persist: Persist through “CRAP”:
    • Criticism
    • Rejection
    • A**holes
    • Pressure

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  1. You’ve been watching TED too, eh? 🙂

  2. Beautiful, thanks.

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