Ramin Hossaini

Finding new photos on Flickr (almost effortlessly)


There are multiple ways of finding/exploring/discovering new great photos on Flickr – joining interesting groups, adding tons of contacts, or visiting Flickr-Explore.

I feel like Flickr-Explore has the same people in it all the time (with exceptions here-and-there). Basically, if you’re a Flickr celebrity and have a couple thousand people following your photos, you stand a good chance of getting a photo of your “cute” cat or a “artistic” white-wall on Explore.

There are lots of little-known users that have great photos. One way I try to find these people is by looking at what people are “Fave”-ing. You can dig even deeper by picking a couple of those faves, then looking at their personal faves, and so-on.

While doing this the other day, I noticed that Flickr allows you to subscribe to someone’s fave-feed. First browse to the user’s favorites:


Then click on the feed link below the faves:


Next, subscribe to the feed in an RSS reader (like Google Reader, Netvibes or Outlook)


If you subscribe to a couple of these feeds, you’ll have other people doing the hard-work of finding photos for you. This works especially well if you subscribe to people that are on Flickr all the time, but Fave photos relatively selectively.

Yes, it is a lazy approach – but it’s just another way of making the most out of Flickr.

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