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How to get a stuck-filter off a lens


I had circular-polarizer filter stuck on a lens recently (not sure how I managed to get it that tightly stuck either) and tried a bunch of different things to take it off – to no avail. It was considerably harder to take off because circular-polarizers have a top piece that is designed to turn.

One solution would have been to use a rubber-filter-wrench – but I couldn’t find one. So I figured out the easiest solution was to use some masking-tape: Apply the masking-tape around the filter 2 or 3 times and make sure it’s stuck-on really tight. Then twist – hopefully that should give yourself more surface-area to get it off.

2 Responses to How to get a stuck-filter off a lens

  1. had a stuck polorizer on a UV filter, tried the wrenches. Nada, i was gettin frustrated, the i saw your idea about the masking tape. Worked like a dream. First try came off with ease. It did give you that little extra surface to grip on to! Thanx for the idea, I’m sure it will come in handy again!!!

  2. Ha! I’m glad to hear that Greg

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