Ramin Hossaini

Controlling Facebook Privacy


Facebook has functionality to create friend-lists (groups of friends). Nice thing is, you can use these lists to block certain people from viewing specific parts of your profile.

Start out by creating a bunch of lists:


A few examples are (for every part you would like to control):

  • No-Basic-Info
  • No-Personal-Info
  • No-Photos
  • No-See-Friends
  • No-Updates
  • No-Videos
  • No-Wall

If you like, you can go ahead and add people to these groups. Unfortunately, a list has to contain at least 1-person before you can use it.

Next, go to your privacy settings, then click on profile:


Customise one of the options, for example, click on the drop-down associated with Wall-posts:


Now add the list you created to hide wall-posts to the “except these people” section – in this case, “no-wall”


This is an organised way of keeping track of friend-permissions without resorting to deleting people. If you find that you would like to hide your photos from someone, you simply add the person to the friend-list “no-photos”.

You could also create a limited profile for your account and by default, add all friends to it. Next, essentially work in reverse by only allowing certain lists of friends to view your profile.

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