Ramin Hossaini

Firefox 3.1b1 Pre + TraceMonkey


Just downloaded the latest BETA release from Mozilla (codenamed “Minefield” – scary) and to my (pleasant) surprise, it comes with an optional TraceMonkey engine.

For you that don’t know what TraceMonkey is, it’s an optimization added to SpiderMonkey. Sounds like a lot of monkeys. But it offers between 20 and 40 times faster Javascript speeds.

To enable TraceMonkey:

  • Go to the about:config page, and click on the button to get past the warning message
  • Enter jit in the field
  • Enable both entries to true. (javascript.options.jit.chrome and javascript.options.jit.content)

Firefox now gets an 84/100 for the Acid 3 test (Google Chrome scores a 78/100)

I ran a quick javascript-speed-test between Google Chrome and this new version of Firefox*.

  • Google Chrome finished the test in 160ms. Impressive.
  • Firefox comes in close at 205ms
  • Internet Explorer 7 finished in 1008ms. I’m pretty sure IE8 beta does better than that though.

* your mileage may vary

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