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Man barbecues car by mistake


Today, I read how a man barbecued his car by mistake. According to the article:

A man barbecued his own car by mistake following a mishap at a grill party in southern Germany, police said.

The 37-year-old poured a beaker of petrol onto the smouldering charcoal of his balcony grill in order to coax it into life, prompting a tongue of flame to shoot out.

A friend standing next to him panicked and dropped the cannister containing the petrol, causing it to ignite and spill on to the man’s car parked below.

The car went up [in] flames.

Two other vehicles were damaged in the blaze, which police said caused no injuries but more than 30,000 euro ($50,000) worth of damage.

That’s very unfortunate.

Lessons learnt/already known to most:

  1. A beaker of petrol is plenty for a balcony BBQ. Use sparingly (if at all).
  2. Smouldering coal can be rekindled with blowing air.
  3. Petrol is valuable.
  4. [Your comment here]

2 Responses to Man barbecues car by mistake

  1. 4. Don’t trust your friend to hold the cannister of petrol. They WILL mess it up.

  2. Don’t do anything that might get you on the Darwin Awards.

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