Ramin Hossaini



“A Product that enables anyone, in a most simple fashion, an independent, cheap and mobile solar Potable Water generation from sea water or brackish water on the base of condensation by solar still.”

  • Pour salty / brackish Water into pan. Then float the Watercone® on top. The black pan absorbs the sunlight and heats up the water to support evaporation..
  • The evaporated Water condensates in the form of droplets on the inner wall of the cone. These droplets trickle down the inner wall into a circular trough at the inner base of the cone.
  • By unscrewing the cap at the tip of the cone and turning the cone upside down, one can empty the potable Water gathered in the trough directly into a drinking device.

You can make up to 1.5 litres of water with one Watercone.


2 Responses to Watercone

  1. What a simple and great invention.

  2. i love this, too. and i love finding that you have a blog! ?

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