Ramin Hossaini

Canon 350D (Rebel XT) vs. Canon 400D (Rebel XTi)


  1. Price: approx. $500.00 vs. approx. $700 (on 20-July-07)
  2. Weight: 485g vs. 510g
    • Heavier – but a very insignificant increase
  3. Pixel differences – 8mp vs. 10mp
    • 3456 x 2304 vs. 3888 x 2592
    • 11.52 X 7.68 inches at 300dpi vs. 12.96 X 8.64 inches at 300dpi
    • Verdict: In my personal opinion, this is a insignificant upgrade.
  4. Autofocus points: 7 points vs. 9 points
    • Might be useful to some. However, I still focus on the middle point and re-compose
  5. Burst mode differences – 14 vs. 27 continuous JPEG shots (larger buffer size)
    • Still 3fps though
    • I feel this is a significant improvement, especially useful when capturing RAW in burst mode – Depends on how often you would do this though.
  6. Bigger LCD: 1.8″ vs. 2.5″
    • Nice upgrade – Might be more useful for detecting soft/blurry images before transferring them to PC. I would be content with the 1.8″ screen though.
  7. Noise levels:
    • Improved at lower ISO’s for 400D (e.g ISO 100), however, noiser at 1600 than 350D
    • Some mixed reports about this
    • Both still better than Nikon D200, which was quite surprising (or not so surprising ;-).
  8. Some Firmware changes:
    • Auto rotation with three options (not recorded, record don’t rotate, record and rotate)
    • Verdict: I still post-process all my photos anyway – so this wouldn’t be very important to me.
  9. Histogram available as brightness (Luminance) or RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    • Might be useful
  10. Sensor cleaning feature:
    • Questionable effectiveness
    • Some reports show that 400D is more prone to dust than 350D
    • Can get a giotto rocket blaster for as little as $8 – $15
  11. Overall verdict: I would wait till next upgrade

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